Dr. William Holmes Robinson

GTA: We are so very excited today, to be spending time with the Dr. William Holmes Robinson. He is the new Senior pastor at The Olivet Church in Fayetteville, Georgia. So very happy that you have joined the Gospel Tribune Atlanta family, sir, how are you doing today?

WHR: I’m doing great. How are you all doing?

GTA: We are doing great! Just blessed that you are spending some time with us. Tell us a little bit about you, Dr. William Holmes Robinson?

WHR: I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I was born to the late John H. Robinson and Wendy T. Robinson. I have three sisters and I am the youngest. I actually grew up in Wheat Street Baptist Church, one of the historic churches here in Atlanta, Georgia, under the late Rev. Dr. William Holmes Borders, whom I was named after. He was my godfather and my father served as his Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry for 30 years at that church. I’m a product of the Atlanta school system. I attended Morehouse School of Religion, where I received my Master’s Degree and my Doctor of Ministry Degree. I am truly a product of Atlanta and a native.

GTA: You have experienced some great opportunities in ministry, even at a young age. Share with us what you believe God’s purpose is for you, specifically.

WHR: I believe God’s purpose is for me, specifically, is to advance the kingdom of God. I strongly believe that God has given me a mandate as well as a commission to advance the kingdom to make a mark that cannot be erased, to make an impact for the kingdom of God.

GTA: You are currently standing on the shoulders of two great former pastors, Dr. Creecy, Sr., who I didn’t know. Also, Dr. Creecy, Jr., whom was my very good friend. What does this mean to you as the new pastor of The Olivet Church? Secondly, where do you plan to take The Olivet Church?

WHR: I am truly humbled to follow such great men as Daddy Creecy as well as Pastor Harold Creecy, Jr. These two men were legends within their own times. They were denoted and renowned throughout this country. I feel like I am standing on their shoulders. I honestly feel like they have blazed the trail for not only me, but also other young pastors who are coming along to take the mantle even higher. So, I am indebted to them for their faithfulness and their commitment to ministry. Where I see myself taking The Olivet Church is a place where we continue to be relevant, where we are effective. A ministry where we are not just maintaining, but we are being transformational. I believe that God has called the church to be a transformational institution. Wherever there is darkness, I believe God has called us to be a light. Wherever there are problems, hurt, or sickness, I believe God has called us to be a Balm in Gilead. That is where I see myself taking The Olivet Church. A place where we continue to do transformational ministry, a place where we are growing in the Word of God, where we are giving to the work of God, and where we are growing in our walk with God. That’s where I see us taking The Olivet Church.

GTA: During this transition how have you been able to remain focused and committed to the duty and service of God?

WHR: One of the things I have done to try to remain focused is to number one, pray and secondly, to remember that it’s not about me, but it’s about Jesus; it’s about Christ. Only what we do for Christ will last. Sometimes, we get so consumed and caught up with other things that we fail to keep the main thing, the main thing. At the end of the day, Jesus is the center. So, when I remember that, that helps to keep me focused. Only what I do for Christ will last. At the end of the day, it’s not about Pastor Robinson. It’s not about my ideas or what I want, but it’s about what God wants for His church, what God wants for His people. So, my prayer everyday is, “Lord, how can I get in line in what You are doing? Not asking You to bless what I am doing, but how can I do what You are blessing?“ That’s my praise thing.

GTA: Tell us a little bit about First Lady Robinson. How is she doing and what’s going on? Tell us how has the transition been for her, thus far.

WHR: The transition has been great. She loves The Olivet Church. She loves the people. She has a willing heart, a heart to serve and she fits so well at The Olivet Church. They have embraced her as well. She is beginning her service in the ministry and supporting me and undergirding me in prayer.

GTA: That is absolutely wonderful. From a woman’s perspective, do you see her leading the women of God and doing conferences and things of that nature coming up here soon?

WHR: Yes. I most definitely see her being a leader within the women’s ministry at The Olivet Church. Also, providing guidance and leadership for those women, young ladies as well as old, who are looking for an example, who are looking for a model to help them grow in their faith and grow in their walk with God. I really see her playing a major role and a major part in that process.

GTA: Praise God! We look forward to interviewing her next. So we have to get that set up so she can talk to the ladies. Tell us about the babies? Any children?

WHR: Yes, we have two children. I have one, Winton Kiarii. He is a junior at Georgia Southern and he is doing well there. I have little lady in the house. She will be three years old on her father’s birthday. She is running the place. Her name is Kaylin Raquel Robinson. She was born on my birthday, November 3rd. She is truly a gift. She is a gift that keeps on giving.

GTA: Doc, we know that you are not a PK (Preacher’s Kid), however, you come from a preaching family, is that correct?

WHR: Yes, that’s correct.

GTA: What word would you give to all of those PK’s out there, just a word of encouragement?

WHR: The word of encouragement that I would give is to find your identity in God. I know that it can be overwhelming and there can be pressure to have a parent who is a pastor, but at the end of the day you have to find your identity and your purpose in God. Usually, your purpose is found close to your passion. What is your passion? What would you like to do for God? What impact you would like to make for the kingdom of God? I feel like if you pray to God and ask Him to give you that, He will and you don’t always have to live in the shadows of your parents, or your father or your mother who is in ministry.

GTA: Wow! Praise God! We hear that Pastor Marvin Sapp was out there at the church. We just interviewed him a few weeks ago. Doc, what is going on over that at the hill?

WHR: We have a lot of great things going on at the hill. We just experienced our Fresh Fire Revival last week with the Rev. Dr. Maurice Watson from BeulahLand Bible Church. He blessed, I mean he really blessed our church in an awesome way. We were truly just happy to have him to share with us. This was the first revival under my tenure as pastor and so that meant a lot to get so much support from the people and the congregation as well as the community. One of the other things we have coming up in the month of November we are going to have a two-night leadership summit. We have Bishop Victor T. Curry from the New Birth Cathedral International in Miami, Florida. He will be with us for two nights and he will be imparting into the leaders and the leadership and those potential leaders within high ministry so we can begin to walk in the vision and fulfill the vision that God has placed on our house.

GTA: Doctor, if someone wanted to get involved with your ministry how could they reach the church? How are the ways that they can reach you?

WHR: One of the ways that they can reach the church is they can go on-line and contact TheOlivetChurch.org. We are also on Facebook, so you can reach us on Facebook as well. Our phone number is 770-460-6656 and we are in Fayetteville, GA.

GTA: Are you on Twitter, yet?

WHR: We are not on Twitter just yet.

GTA: Come on, Doc, we need the Secretary Tweeting! [Laughter] From a social media standpoint, how can social media help your sermons?

WHR: Well social media definitely helps my sermons because what I’m doing is posting my sermon points on Facebook. I’m able to use the screens in the sanctuary and stream live. The social media definitely plays a role in our ministry.

GTA: The last two questions for you. What do you want your legacy to be there at The Olivet Church?

WHR: The Bible says in Acts 13:36 that David served the purposes of God for his generation and then he fell on sleep. In other words David made a mark for God in the generation in which he lived. That’s what I would want my legacy to be. Number one, that I was faithful to God. I was faithful to God’s people and I was faithful to my family as well as to myself. I want to be remembered as being faithful. At the end of the day, I want to hear God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things and now I will make you ruler of many.”

GTA: Given the recession, a lot of people are still hurting, losing homes, jobs, cars and a lot of their possessions. What is your message of hope and love to all of our readers today?

WHR: My message of hope, encouragement, and love would be to keep looking up to God. To keep looking towards the hills from whence cometh your help and I’m not just saying that to sound cliché, but all of our help comes from the Lord. God is too wise to make a mistake. He is too right to be wrong. He ‘s too big to be small. Sometimes He allows storms to come into our lives in order to prove Himself within our lives. The reality is we would never know that God could be a shelter in the time of storms if we never had storms. We would never know that He could be a doctor in the sick room if we’ve never been sick. My word is to continue to be encouraged. My word is to continue to be encouraged and to keep your hands in God’s hand because He is everywhere and He is always with us.

GTA: My Lord! Any other parting words that you would like to leave with The Gospel Tribune Atlanta readers and viewers?

WHR: Well, I would just like to say, Thank you for all that you do. Thank you all for your commitment to the community as well as to the nation. If I can leave some parting words it would be I see us in our future and we’re looking much better than we’re looking right now. The best is yet to come and what’s coming is better than what’s been.

GTA: Come on doctor! And the church said Amen, Amen, and Amen!

WHR: Amen! Amen!

GTA: We thank you for taking these few minutes with us. We love you sir. We’re coming out there to The Olivet and spend some time with you. Bless you!

WHR: I look forward to seeing you. Thank you for the opportunity.

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